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Canada's new program for caregivers is a refined process created by the IRCC to open up an easy pathway for permanent residence for caregivers or allow them to work temporarily. 

How are the new pilot different from previous caregiver programs?

The new caregiver programs: Home Childcare Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker pilot eliminates the need for an LMIA and creates an easier pathway for permanent residence if the foreign national chooses to become a permanent resident of Canada

Under the new program, occupation restrictive open work permit is issued to the foreign national which allows them to switch employers easily. 

It also allows caregivers to apply for permanent residence as long as they have 2 years full time work experience

Do I need an LMIA?

Under the new pilot programs, you do not require an LMIA. 

However, the open work permit issued under is occupation restrictive work permit. You can change employers but the work permit requires to work under NOC 4411 and NOC 4412

I came here through the previous program. Can I get permanent residence?

If you have acquired 2 years of full time work experience under your current work permit in the last three years, you can apply for permanent residence

What is the processing time? 

Processing times vary depending on the country

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Things to think about


In order to qualify under the caregiver program, your NOC has to either be NOC 4411 or NOC 4412


Experience as a foster parent and house keeper does not count. Your experience needs to meet the criteria of a home child care provider or a home support worker


LMIAs are not required under the new program. However, the work permit is an occupation restrictive open work permit


If you work permit expires before you can accumulate your 2 years of full time experience, you are allowed to renew your work permit


Your family members are also allowed to come under the both the programs and apply for work or study permits

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