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Parents & Grandparents Sponsorship

If you are thinking about sponsoring your parents or grand parents, the Canadian government has created a pathway for Canadians, permanent residents and those registered as Indian under the Canadian Indian act to sponsor their parents and grand parents.

Am I eligible to sponsor my parents or grandparents?

You must meet the minimum age requirement. You must also be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident or registered as a Indian under the Indian act. There are other additional conditions that need to be met by sponsors clearly outlined in the IRCC's website. 

My Parents were separated? Can I also sponsor one of my parent's spouse?

According the IRRC in case of divorce or separation, you can sponsor you parents and your grandparents spouses or common law partners or conjugal partners

Can I sponsor my half-brother or half-sister?

You can sponsor your brothers, sisters and half-brothers, half-sisters if they qualify as a dependent children

Can I sponsor my mother-in-law and my father-in-law?

You cannot sponsor your spouses parents (mother-in-law and father-in-law). However, you can be a cosigner in their parents/grandparents sponsorship application.

What is the processing time?

The current processing time for applications submitted after January 1st 2017 is between 20 - 24 months

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Things to think about


Are you eligible to sponsor? often times people get into the proccess without assessing simple eligibility critieria which may jeopardize your application.


Having necessary supporting documentation is key to a successful application. Attaching unnecesary documentation may not be helpful and may cause delays in processing and affect your application negatively.


Is the person you are sponsoring admissible? sometimes, the simplest reasons of inadmissbility could lead to refusal of your application.


Submit documents on time. When you don't it creates unnecessary delays or even negatively impact your application.


Review your application before submission. Chances are you might ahve made a mistake and reviewing your application might help you correct it.

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