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Spousal Sponsorship

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who just got married to someone who's not a Canadian or permanent resident, then this is your option to bring them to Canada. Canadian Spousal sponsorship is unique in its own way because it recognizes relationship that may be contentious in some countries while respecting international human rights. 

Is my relationship recognized in Canada? 

Canada requires the spouse and the applicant to meet the age limit of 18 in order to qualify. The following relationships are recognized by the IRCC

Spouse: Legally married partner

Common law partner: Partner that has been living with you for 12 consecutive months without any long periods apart

Conjugal relationship: Can't live with you at their country of residence or marry you due to significant legal and immigration reasons.

Can we sponsor our children?

As long as the children are under 22 years of age and doesn't have a spouse or a common law partner, they could be sponsored

If they are older than 22 years of age, IRCC requires certain conditions to be met in order to qualify for sponsorship

You can also sponsor your children without sponsoring the spouse as long as the spouse/legal guardian of the child consents for the child to stay in Canada

What is the processing time?

The current processing time for spousal sponsorship application is 12 months

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Things to think about


Are you eligible to sponsor? often times people get into the proccess without assessing simple eligibility critieria which may jeopardize your application.


Having necessary supporting documentation is key to a successful application. Attaching unnecesary documentation may not be helpful and may cause delays in processing and affect your application negatively.


Is the person you are sponsoring admissible? sometimes, the simplest reasons of inadmissbility could lead to refusal of your application.


Submit documents on time. When you don't it creates unnecessary delays or even negatively impact your application.


Review your application before submission. Chances are you might ahve made a mistake and reviewing your application might help you correct it.

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