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Study Permit

Most foreign students interested in studying in Canadian institutions can apply for a study permit as long as they were admitted by a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) and meet the conditions outlined by IRCC

How do I qualify for a study permit?

In order to qualify for a study permit, the foreign national should be enrolled in a program that's longer than 6 months in a DLI. 

In addition to enrolment, a study permit applicant must also (not limited to) demonstrate financial ability to support themselves, pay tuition, coverage of transportation costs and pass medical exams as required by the IRCC

Do I need a study permit?

Kindergarten does not require a study permit. A program less than 6 months does not require a study permit.

Those foreign nationals that are pursuing Grade1-12 and post secondary education and above require a study permit

what if my program includes Co-op?

A co-op program involves a working period as a mandatory graduation component of the program the student is enrolled in.

Those students that are enrolled in a co-op program will need a closed work permit tied to their DLI (as the employer). 

What is the processing time?

Processing times vary depending on the country of application. For example, Indian students can obtain  a study permit in 9 weeks whereas for Chinese students its 16 weeks. There's also a student direct stream (SDS) which processes application in under 20 days.

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Things to think about


Are you eligible to sponsor? often times people get into the proccess without assessing simple eligibility critieria which may jeopardize your application.


Having necessary supporting documentation is key to a successful application. Attaching unnecesary documentation may not be helpful and may cause delays in processing and affect your application negatively.


Is the person you are sponsoring admissible? sometimes, the simplest reasons of inadmissbility could lead to refusal of your application.


Submit documents on time. When you don't it creates unnecessary delays or even negatively impact your application.


Review your application before submission. Chances are you might ahve made a mistake and reviewing your application might help you correct it.

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