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A visitor visa is a travel document that is issued to people who are visiting Canada. It's a temporary travel document. 

Do I need a visitor visa?

Visitor visas are granted for various reasons. It could be simply for a tourist visit. Use the following link to see if you need a visitor visa or an ETA.

What is the difference between visitor visa and an eTA?

A visitor visa is stamped to your passport. An electronic travel authorization (eTA) is an electronic authorization for your passport to enter the country usually issued to visa-exempt countries (Except US Nationals). 

A visitor visa is usually valid for up to 6 months per stay (or as authorized by the border services officer) and are MEVs (Multiple Entry Visas).


In case of study or a work permit, usually a visitor visa or an eTA will be automatically issued.

What if I want to visit Canada for business purposes?

According to IRCC, a business visitor agrees to stay for less than 6 months along with various other restrictions.

Similar to a visitor visa, someone who is applying to Canada for the purposes of business must provide a letter of invitation from a Canadian host business or a letter of recognition from CBSA along with a letter of support from your parent company.

What is the processing time? 

Processing times vary by country. 

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Things to think about


Before applying for a visitors visa, ensure you have all the documents ready for your specific purpose (family events, leisure, travel etc)


An eTA is different from a visitors visa. both of them will not be issued at the same time for a foreign national


Citizens of United States of America can enter Canada through land, sea and air with their passports. no eTA or visitor visa is needed


A visitor visa is not a work permit or a study permit. In order to work or study, you should look into work permit and study permit


Review your application before submission. Chances are you might have made a mistake and reviewing your application may help you correct it.

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