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This stream is exclusively for businesses in Canada to hire a temporary foreign worker to temporarily fulfill their labour needs. Businesses can hire through the express entry stream, global talent stream, academics stream, agricultural stream, caregivers stream and general high and low wage stream.

Where do I start the process of hiring a skilled worker?

A business needs to apply for an LMIA (labour market impact assessment) to determine whether their workplace needs a foreign worker.

There are some LMIA exemptions but businesses would have to explore their options to see if they are LMIA exempt

How to get an LMIA?

LMIA's are produced by ESDC (Employment and social development Canada. However, depending on your industry, there are program requirements that shape the pathway for your LMIA application

Do I have any responsibilities as a business? 

Employers must meet specific requirements to hire foreign workers and uphold the conditions as set out in the federal regulations and employers are expected to be aware of these responsibilities.

Employers will be selected for inspection with our without prior notice. Processing of an LMIA application maybe delayed if the employer is undergoing a compliance.

If there is non-compliance, it will be sent to employers as part of procedural fairness. If the employer fails to reply within a given time-frame or found to be non-complaint, they will be facing serious consequences

What is the processing time? 

Processing time for applications under the TFW stream varies depending on the program and country.

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Things to think about


Hiring a TFW is an expensive and time consuming proccess. Therefore please ensure you truly require a TFW to save on the cost of your business operations


Every stream in the TFW program has its limitation and advantages. Please refer to the IRCC for more information on how your workplace could benefit from the TFW program


 LMIA's are required for most programs under TFW. However there are LMIA exempt applications that you may benefit from


ESDC Compliance is a serious matter. Before starting the proccess, ensure your workplace meets all requirements.


Review your application before submission. Chances are you might ahve made a mistake and reviewing your application may help you correct it.

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